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Слава Богу за честных и смелых людей!

Наталья Васильева расскрывает подробности вонючей кухни российского "правосудия".

Я тут с сыновьями песню Маккартни записал для Ходорковского.

Коммунизм должен быть осужден
 Вечный Нюрнберг
Полный текст

То, что почиталось безнравственным для личности, почиталось вполне нравственным для государства. Государство всегда пользовалось дурными средствами, шпионажем, ложью, насилием, убийством, различия тут бывали лишь в степени. Эти средства, бесспорно очень дурные, оправдывались всегда хорошей и высокой целью... Никто не мог никогда толком объяснить и оправдать, почему несомненные пороки и грехи для личности - гордость, самомнение, эгоизм, корыстолюбие, ненависть, кровожадность и насильничество, ложь и коварство - оказываются добродетелями и доблестью для государства и наций. Это есть самая большая ложь мировой истории (О рабстве и свободе человека. Н. Бердяев).

Newsletter (November 2010)
 Dear Friends,

We are still here. People who come to our city say that spiritually it's a hard place. I can testify to this. Actually, the closer you get to Moscow the harder it gets. And we are just 200 miles away. But Russia as a whole is a tough place spiritually. What a contrast to 1991-94!

This place has become very tough not only in the spiritual sense. We have the highest corruption level per capita in the world! They murder 5 times as much people in Russia than in the States! Our authorities have destroyed the most successful company in the country - Yukos and have thrown it's CEOs Khodorkovsky and Lebedev into a Siberian camp. They have served over 7 years in prison and according to new court hearings they will soon be sentenced to 14 more years for... stealing 300 million tons of oil from... themselves!

I remember when I ministered in American churches in the very beginning of 2000's I shared about my country loosing freedom rapidly thanks to Mr. Putin's policy. I predicted then (and it was quite easy knowing how a KGB colonel might think) that things would get worse and the answer to a then popular question "Who is Mr. Putin" should be - "a devil!". Well, to those of you who have just shrunk at my latter statement and think that if "the powers that be are ordained of God" (Rom. 13:1) how can a devil be from God? - I would say "read Hosea 8:4". Would you like to be obedient to a devil? I would not.

Anyway, the people grow more and more dissatisfied with those in authorities here. Recent public poles show that 13% of the Russia's population would like to leave the country for good. The whole atmosphere in the country is pretty depressive and it reminds me the last stagnant years before perestroika. By flesh I would long be gone too.

But... we are citizens of the Kingdom of God. And, bless His name, our God is all powerful and full of love, mercy and wisdom. And we so much need all this here, because the answer to all those challenges are the real manifest power of God, practical love and spirit of mercy and His wisdom how to practice those with ultimate fruit.

A lot of Russian churches are still in bondage by dead religion, false doctrines, control spirits, legalism, etc. And I am not talking about the established Orthodox Church. Many Christians were hurt by those bondages and left. The lack of mercy and the stinking legalism result in the fact that a ministry of restoration of fallen leaders is almost inexistent in Russia. So far (for the last 18 years) I know of only one (!!!) case of a pastor being restored in ministry (and not in his own church). The mere fact of restoration caused a number of pastors in the region to bombard the higher bishops with petitions to repudiate it.

Once I was present at a certain church service where a fallen pastor was repenting in front of his congregation when one person in the audience shouted: "Go and hang yourself!" And nobody including the leaders reacted! Yet another pastor has a habit of downgrading and even insulting Christians in his congregation for being (take a deep breath) non-Jews (!!!). That whole large group of churches believes that Jews by blood will be saved regardless of their faith in Jesus Christ. One sister I personally know attended that service and the pastor also said that all Jews would be saved first and then Christians would barely make it too. When she heard this she plunged into depression for a month and stopped attending the church until she came to us. It's all part of another currently flourishing delusion in the church - two chosen peoples. Man, I could tell some stories, but so much for the discouragement.

Notwithstanding all this, bit by bit there appear more and more free churches and anointed leaders who move in freedom and power of God and who value non-organized relationships. The Lord has blessed me with such relationships with a number of leaders in different cities and more is coming. More and more Christians have had enough of religion, control and legalism. They want the real thing. It is His glory, love and power.

I have a dear friend - a former missionary pastor. He was diagnosed with a serious stage of hepatitis C. His veins started to perforate and his liver almost deteriorated. It was painful to look at him - a father of 5 kids. I challenged the church to fast for a week together in order to seek the Lord and see His glory manifest. So we did. When we finished the fast and celebrated on Sunday morning, my friend looked completely different. His condition improved a hundred percent and he is still running around three weeks later. We prayed for sick people too by words of knowledge during the service and about 20 people testified of healing. A young mother came with a couple of months old baby for the first time. She asked to pray for the baby because he was having from 3 to 4 epileptic seizures a day! No more seizures. Praise be to God!

One young alcoholic arrived at our rehab center recently with a bad case of facial psoriasis. It was so bad he had to hide his face. Oksana - the ministry leader, laid hands on him and 10 minutes later he was completely healed. Jesus is amazing!

The rehab ministry is expanding and the news of it are spreading far and wide. People are coming from other regions. Just today I brought a woman from a city 3 hour drive away. Recently we bought a tractor for our center and another farm has been given to us.

Within days we are starting a ministry to single pregnant girls who decided to have a child. Some Orthodox (!) businessmen are willing to rent a house for us to carry on that ministry. Hallelujah! Oksana and my wife are going to lead this charity.

Doors to a juvenile have been finally opened to us. A Russian juvenile is a prisoner camp for teenagers and it doesn't differ much from an adult one. Our church people have ministered there twice already and had a very good response. I am going there this Sunday.

We continue ministering to alcoholics children, women in a local prisoner camp and we are praying about starting a ministry to HIV infected people, possibly to those with cancer and destitute. I also continue to minister to fallen and disfellowshipped pastors and leaders. Please, pray for one particular pastor who has returned to a bondage of alcoholism. He is currently in a hospital and the doctor said if he continued like that for another month he would die. I have faith to see him completely restored and healed.

We are working on our two more rooms in the church building. Please, pray for the finances to refurbish them.

The church has blessed Alex and Oksana with a log house shell. Please, pray for the release of finances to that end. We want to see our key leaders family in their own house next year.

I would like to thank all of you who supported us, prayed for us and just had a thought of us from time to time. We pray a blessing over you that your spirit, soul and body would prosper.

Andrew Danilov

P.S. Please, pray for Russia.

Архангельский о Ходорковском
К Архангельскому я относился раньше, как к интеллектуалу, который все понимает, но осторожничает перед властью. Этот его анализ вызывает, как минимум уважение.

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 Сегодня было замечательное служение. Проповедовал Сергей Турыкин из Сызрани. Слава Богу за такого друга и служителя!

28 лет
 Сегодня мы с женой празднуем 28 лет нашего счастливого брака! И это самая первая запись в моем ЖЖ. 


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